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Howdy /r/Poker.

I'm asking you to join in the campaign to get a Congress committed to ending corruption by 2016. We're hoping to raise $5M by July 4th. We're already past the $1M mark, (not including the $2M we raised last month). But we need more help, so I'm asking you to pledge and tell others.

You may think: "What the hell does campaign finance reform have to do with poker?" Well, plenty. It is the system of corruption which keeps online poker illegal in the U.S. - or did you think that Sheldon Adelson's attack on online poker didn't have anything to do with the millions of SuperPAC money he sets out every election cycle?

It also affects people more locally. Here in Texas, poker is illegal primarily because we have casino interests in Nevada, Louisiana, and especially Oklahoma lobbying to keep poker illegal in Texas while they lobby to keep it legal in their own states. The Chickasaw Nation is the largest non-individual source of contributions in Texas right now - they operate the Winstar World Casino literally just over the border in Thackerville, OK.

The point is this - the PPA and other groups are doing some real good. But the truth is that they're not going to get anywhere - we're not going to get anywhere UNTIL we end up attacking the system of corruption head on. And that's why we need to support Mayday PAC, Wolf-PAC and other campaign finance reform groups.

Think of it as a buy-in to the highest stakes tournament of our times: At stake, our Republic. Because it's not just poker. Whatever your issue is - whether it's a "liberal issue" or a "conservative issue" - whether it's a clean environment of lower taxes... or it's the right to play poker when and where and how we choose, in a safe environment - then it is vital that we have a Congress that has to keep the people happy first, not the funders.

This is a kickstarter-style pledge. So if you pledge and we don't hit the $5M, we won't keep your money. So it's really like you're on a democracy freeroll...

Anyway, I hope you'll not only pledge, but also bring this up at the poker table. It's not politics - it's what we have to do to preserve the culture and the freedom to enjoy the game we love.

-- /u/brianboyko

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